27 Dec 2020



"September 1, 2011 is in particular the one unforgettable day in our lives. Every link event that one witnesses, we come across students explaining what the acronym of IEEE is.. .It goes like, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers... but the MZCians give a different perspective to it.

IEEE for Mount Zion College of Engineering is the ideal platform for students to showcase their talents be it academically or technically. The dream brought forward by our seniors is now being cherished by us, the followers.

IEEE is an ever growing family and Mount Zion has proudly become its 58th member in the Kerala Section of Region 10. Under the keen guidance of Mr.Pratheesh Ramanathan, The Branch Counsellor, our SB has grown from an initial number of just 97 to a staggering strength of 221 in the shortest span of just 4 months. It speaks volumes of the interest that this has created within our college.

The first link event that Mount Zion took part in after attaining the IEEE membership, Frisbee 2011 held at Malappuram, was an event that couldn’t have a better ending. Mount Zion SB came under the spotlight and spot on recognition in Kerala Section of IEEE by winning the best student branch coming ahead of popular student branches with a history to tell like TKM-IT and RIT Kottayam.

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