Red Hat Technology Training @ MOUNT ZION

Red Hat Academy, the most awaited logo of branding among the leading professional colleges has now become open. Red Hat along with IPSR has announced a new initiative of training the scholars of the colleges in latest open source technologies and to make them professionally sound. This proposal by Red Hat and IPSR is a part of corporate responsibility to widen the competencies of the fresher’s in the most sought Red Hat technologies The project include training the students in the latest IT certifications like RHCSA, RHCE and RHCA, which is offered in Technologies like Cloud Computing, Infrastructure Services, IT Security and so on.


Benefits to Students:

• Students will get an opportunity to do the latest IT Certifications like RHCE in Cloud, which is of highest
..demand in the Job Market since last year.
• Gain International IT Certifications at a much cheaper price than anywhere else.
• Better chances for the students to get placed in MNCs with attractive pay packages.
• Placement support from, Kerala’s best IT/ITES Job Portal for Freshers.
• Students will be transformed into “trained freshers” which will add more value to their B.Tech Degree. And IT
..Companies always prefer trained Freshers.
• Students will get a short term internship.
• Students can club this certification training with an academic project, at a little extra cost.

                                                                                                                                 (RHCSA) | (RHCE)


Red Hat Certification FAQs

1. What is the purpose of Red Hat’s certification program?

                        Red Hat certification program validates people’s technical skills and knowledge. Organizations hiring employees, contractors, and consultants can look to Red Hat certifications as an input into hiring, assignment, promotion, and other management decisions. Similarly, individuals who earn these certifications benefit by having official, impartial validation of their skills and knowledge.

2. What is meant by “performance-based” testing?

                        Performance-based testing is testing by doing that is, by having examinees perform real-world tasks similar to those they must perform in a job role. Performance-based testing is also called hands-on or practical testing. All Red Hat certification exams are performance-based tests, and Red Hat is the industry leader in IT performance-based testing.

3. What is the difference between an RHCSA and an RHCE?

                        RHCSA is intended as the “core” system administration certification offered by Red Hat. From the release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6, everyone who wishes to earn a system administration certification from Red Hat will begin by earning this credential. Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) represents deeper skills and knowledge in Red Hat Enterprise Linux. In order to earn RHCE under Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and after, one must earn RHCSA and pass a separate RHCE exam.