Hope @ MZC


Teaching students about charity is a valuable lesson for both you and the children. It is important that children learn at an early age to be considerate of others and to show compassion .When you educate children regarding charity; you teach them important life lessons.

Charity is not a new concept. It has been a part of our society since ancient times. Economic disparities have been an essential part of human civilization. There always has been the tendency to achieve equitable distribution of wealth. Ofcourse charity is not the best possible option because it gives people something in exchange of nothing.

Charity has been recommended by religion and spirituality. It is considered essential to retain humility and modesty. Hence each and every person should be open to the idea of charity.

As a general guide we aim to donate 10% of your pocket money to charity. You may have head the phrase, "charity starts at home"-so make sure your budget can afford it.


Six Heart Surgery Operations

Issued 2500 Books

More than 100blood donations

30 Cataract Surgeries

Visited disabled schools

Educational fee support

Food kits distributions

Medical support

Palliative road show